Welcome to PiVeraProject.org

What is this?

The PiVeraProject is a customizable interface for the Vera home automation controller. It leverages Vera’s access to your Z-Wave platform for connectivity across devices in your home, and uses a RaspberryPi for complete control over Vera’s devices and scenes.

A custom-built Android app is also available, which uses fingerprint-scanning and HTTPS to interface with your RaspberryPi.

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What can it do?

The PiVeraProject gives you the ability to…

  • Issues commands to all standard on/off switches and dimmers

  • Control Vera Virtual Devices

  • Activate scenes as if they were switches

  • Toggle between scenes with custom ‘on/off’ switches (where ‘on’ and ‘off’ activate different scenes)

  • Create custom permissions for each user in your household

  • See the current state of switches (“pull-to-refresh” feature, in-app)

  • Integrate with Tasker for complete automation

  • Create Tasker “shortcuts”

…But is it really necessary?

While we love the Vera home automation controller, the Vera apps (both web-view and Android app) are missing some features that we really needed to make it a “whole family” solution. Permissions within the Vera platform lack a certain “granularity” that we really wanted.

For example: the family teenager might want smartlock front door access, or the ability to open/close the garage remotely. With current Vera solutions, even the most restrictive permission settings would allow him/her to have COMPLETE access to all devices across the whole home… including the master bedroom lights and thermostats. The PiVeraProject solves this problem by letting you determine which devices are accessible to which users!

The Android app of the PiVeraProject also integrates with Tasker, which the standard Vera app can’t do. With our Android app, you can automate your life through Tasker’s built-in “scene” functions, while “shortcuts” allow you to access your Vera’s scenes with a single tap from your Android phone’s front screen.

Is it complicated?

Not really. Though the PiVeraProject does assume you have the following…

  • A functioning Vera with at least one connected device

  • A RaspberryPi, and a bit of comfort with the command line

  • Admin access to your router (for port-forwarding)

  • A device running Android, and the ability to install an app outside the app store.

Ok, I’m ready.

Head on over to the Installation instructions to get started!